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Tuesday, 24 November 2015 00:00


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Short profile:

Four Elements is a Non-Profit Organization and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Athens and Thessaloniki area. The company was established 5 years ago and it is an innovative and pioneering Greek organization, with international cooperations and activity.

Four Elements is certified both by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health.

Its mission is to promote research, innovation, and development, to inspire next generation education through evidence based practices, cutting edge research, empowered people and collaboration. Four Elements has collaborated with schools, education institutions, Ministries of Education, and agencies throughout Europe.


Four Elements acts primarily on prevention, information, planning, evaluation, submission and preparation of studies and sensitivization actions in the field of environment, health, welfare, culture, human resources development, R&D. Recent actions carried out by the company are actions regarding prevention of Web risks and dangers to school children, distribution of informative material, ad hoc consulting at homes of parents etc.

Four Elements has great experience and is intending to play a major role in the future in awareness campaigns and assistance in various areas, organizing workshops and other events (for gender based violence, media violence, alcohol, smoking, risks at work etc) and the advisory and support to people with disabilities. Purpose is to solve people problems, awakening of social consciousness and awareness both in Greece and worldwide.


Indicative list of projects in the past three years:

Ø  Daphne III: “Using New Media to prevent and combat against Media Violence”

This project focuses on combating media violence and making children, teachers and parents aware of the risks and hazards of social networking technologies and educating them to use such technologies in appropriate ways.


Ø  General secretariat for Gender Equality: “Awareness raising activities to fight against Gender-Based Violence”

This Programme has a national scope. Its actions cover all the country’s regions, addressing a wide range of regional as well as national public policies. This programme has been drafted with two strategic goals in mind:

a) Protection of all women’s rights through the promotion of gender equality and through targeted interventions towards groups of women facing multiple discriminations

b) Prevention and combating of all forms and types of violence against women


Ø  Youth in Action: “e-YouthDemocracy”

This project aims at empowering young people with the necessary knowledge, civic competences and democratic mechanisms in order to a) express their opinions on issues like Immigration of young people in Europe, Immigrants with high qualifications, Labor Rights, Ethical Issues on working abroad and b) involve them in a series of activities where they will learn what mechanisms the EU makes available for them to support their rights and economic equality and human dignity (conferences, forums, polls, etc.).


Ø  General Secretary of Research and Technology: “Digital enhancement of cultural heritage and cultural tour in Central Macedonia”

This project aims at developing an innovative mobile application called “CultMacedonia” which will promote the cultural and historical monuments of North Greece. The proposed intervention aims at coupling Culture with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).


Ø  EQUAL: “Local actions targeting the social integration of vulnerable groups”

This project has a national scope and its main objective is to provide consulting services tailored to the needs of vulnerable groups.


Ø  Parent’s education in information technology and communication (ICT) on safe Internet use (2009)

The project aims to parents whom their children enrolled in high school at the year 2009. Purpose of this action is to consult and educate parents, giving them domiciliary information about ICT and safe Internet.


Ø  Training SMEs in modern methods of promoting entrepreneurship through Internet and Social Networking Applications (Web 2.0) (2009)

The project focuses on making people more digital literate with regards to the major modern Web 2.0 services and tools that could be used to promote their business activities and business partnerships.



Role in the project:

Four Elements will contribute to the implementation of the needs assessment procedure as well as to the conduction of the best practices extensive survey. Four Elements will take part in the design of the Accessibility Centres’ model. It will contribute to the design of the e-learning environment for the disabled students. Four Elements will have the responsibility of preparing the material of the seminars and it will participate to the training seminars for the academic staff of the Partner Country Institutions. Four Elements will be responsible for the pilot testing of Accessibility Centres (WP4 leader). Specifically, Four Elements will lead the following activities:

Activity 4.1 Integration of an "assistive IT" system

Activity 4.2 Training of career advisors and university staff

Activity 4.3 Seminars for Accessibility Centre staff

Activity 4.4 Report on User Trials & Evaluation Findings

Moreover, Four Elements will supervise the training in Egypt and Morocco. It will actively participate to the development of dissemination actions. Additionally, Four Elements will contribute to the development of the exploitation and sustainability plan.





Marina Zotaki

4elements, NGO

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