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Interview on User Trials & Evaluation Findings USER TRIALS AT University Ibn Tofail -Kenitra
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Wednesday, 18 November 2015 00:00

Interview on User Trials & Evaluation Findings USER TRIALS AT University Ibn Tofail -Kenitra

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 ·         What is the location of the Accessibility Center, where the User Trials have been taken place?

 Ibn Tofail University (UIT) established its Accessibility Centre on the ground floor of the languages centre.


·         Why there exactly?

It is located at the heart of its main Campus The building is well known and easy accessible by disable students.



·         What about the equipment of the Center?

The Accessibility Centre hosts the UIT Assistive Technology equipment.

Speech recognition tools,special keyboards, trackballs, joysticks, mouse, JAWS, etc.


·         Open days and times?

The Centre is open five days a week, from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 18.00.


·         Is there a union for Disable students?

The University supported the creation of a Disabled Students’ Union.

Also supported the communication through the website and/or the Accessibility Center between disable students and volunteer students (with appointments if needed) in order for the disable students to be helped and supported on various things regarding the studies and the university life.


·         Does the Accessibility Center provides any career guidance?

Yes.  It also participates on organizing Career day workshops. (e.g. Employability Skills for Disabled Students)


·         Time of the User Trials?

The Ibn Tofail University user trials took place on 11 to 14 May 2015 and on 7 July 2015.


·         How many students participated?

Twelve (12) students participated in these trials.


·         Who were the trainers?

-          Professors: Youcef Hdouch, Kribii Abdelaziz  Ramadane, Tayi Mbark

-          Technical staff: Sultana Inekach, Majda Azoui, Daoudi Mohammed, Abir Sajji.


·         How the trainings were organized by the University?

Structure of the training

·         56% answered they agree (2) that the objectives of the training are clearly defined,

·         56% answered they agree (2) that the teaching and learning methods used in the training were effective,

·         67% answered they agree (2) that the content was well organized and easy to understand,

·         67% answered they feel neutral (3) about participation and interaction being helpful,

·         50% answered they agree (2) and 25% answered they strongly agree (1) that the total study tine on this training was appropriate,

·         56% answered that they feel neutral (3) and 33 answered they agree (2) about the staff being knowledgeable about the topics taught,

·         56% % answered they agree (2) that their sessions met their expectations.


II. Training resources

·         56% agreed (2) and 44% strongly agreed (1) that the teaching rooms were satisfactory,

·         56% strongly agreed (1) that the support material (printed and online) were suitable,

·         56% agreed (2) and 44% strongly agreed (1) that the computer resources were satisfactory.


III. Content of the training

·         44% strongly agreed (1) and another 44% agreed (2) that the training they received was sufficient to make use of Assistive Technology in their study,

·         44% strongly agreed (1) that they will need ongoing support to use Assistive Technology their study.

IV. Self-assessment of knowledge and skills

·         78% answered that they strongly understand (5) what Assistive Technology is available at the University to help them with their studies,

·         44% answered that they know (5) where to go to access advice and support about using Assistive Technology for their learning,

·         56% answered that they know (5) about the accessibility applications and guidelines,

·         65% answered that they feel confident (5) that Assistive Technology will help them in their studies,

78% answered that they intend (5) to use Assistive Technology in their studies.


·         What are the results of the education to the students with disabilities?

The main findings for the UIT user trials are that the majority endorse Assistive Technology and consider it significant in improving their learning opportunities. However, they would wish for ongoing support to be available to them. This is one of the services that the UIT Accessibility Centre provides




Marina Zotaki

4elements, NGO

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